About us

We Have One Goal

To Provide The Highest Quality Products and Services.

At Global Produce, we pride ourselves on sourcing and distributing a wide range of the freshest South African fruits to our valued customers all over the world.  We are an efficient and dynamic team with an entrepreneureal approach to developing our footprint in current and new markets across the globe.

Our sales team hold a wealth of first-hand market experience and the extensive technical knowledge of our sourcing team is unparalleled. Our proficient logistics team consistently ensure our fruit arrives with our clients on time and in their finest condition, wherever in the world they may be.  

Our company has a global presence with offices in Cape Town, China and Vietnam. We have colleagues positioned in European markets too. Having a presence where fruit is both grown and sold allows us to service our customers to the highest possible standard.

We are growing fast. We are consistently expanding the range of fruits we source and endeavour to build upon the 40 countries we currently export to. 

Global Produce has been featured several times in Asian Fruit Magazine, demonstrating the importance we place on understanding the local need of our customers.



Our Story

Our Owner & Founder, Rutger Van Wulfen, started Global Produce in 2013. He was born in Holland but spent much of his early life in Indonesia. He then moved to Cape Town where he started his professional career.

During this time, Rutger had the opportunity to live and work in Hong Kong and Singapore, where he acquired first-hand knowledge of the Asian market and successfully grew the business – establishing a client base in almost all Asian countries.  

Latterly, Rutger moved back to Cape Town to be closer to the origin of the fruit.  

With a wealth of experience behind us, we are committed to exploring new markets; the USA, Canada & the UK…. the sky is the limit!

Our Team

We have offices in Cape Town, South Africa and Shanghai, China to ensure we are well-placed geographically to meet the needs of our customers all over the world.